A simple way to see the password behind asterisks or dots

Conveniently, when the browser remember your personal information to access the site. But you from the other device need to log on to this site. A password and login, and then you forget. What can be done in this case?

How to open a password in the browser.

On the screen in front of us the authorization form and an asterisk in the "password". How do you know which characters you've written?

  • "Sprockets / point"Select your mouse.
  • Click the right mouse button on the selected field. In the context menu select the item "explore the element"Or"view code".
  • Right of the screen window of the page code will appear. Among all the English words we find this combination: type = "password".
  • Selecting the English layout, replace "Password" on "Text".
  • When replaced, we get: type = "text".
  • To see symbols, press Enter.

How to view the password in the programs.

To view the password in the programs will have to use third-party applications, for example, Password Cracker.

Of course, it is loaded on the PC at your own risk. The program carries out its work in all versions of Windows.

How to Password Cracker under the "stars" to see the password?

When the program is running, when you hover the mouse cursor over the password instantly to open all of the characters that have been under the "stars."

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