Woodworking: bonding and assembly

When working on the timber using such types of compounds, such as: adhesives based on compounds mating joinery and stykovanie via fasteners.

Summary in processing

When using glue joints using an adhesive layer applied between the surfaces. Use of any, suitable for working with wood glue, which is applied to the bonding surface (the approximate thickness of 0.1 mm layer.).

When working gluing take into account that the liquid adhesive is applied to the solid wood and glue thicker consistency - for soft wood.

Gluing wood surface materials into account that its moisture content should not exceed 10-15%. Adhesive is applied with a brush with stiff bristles.

Surfaces that are bonded, smeared with glue, allow to dry for about 3 minutes and compress under pressure. Compressed product hold up to 5 hours and then left for three days to dry.

When working gluing wood surfaces should be borne in mind that the glue should be applied to the cleaned surface should be hard enough to squeeze the adhesive and apply a uniform layer.

Planning carpentry work necessary to prepare the screws and drills on a tree. Screws come in different sizes, but only with two forms of head - Phillips and slotted. Accordingly selected form screwdriver.

For fixing screw the two pieces together and their slazhivayut drilled holes. Drill take a slightly smaller diameter than the screw, then the second drill bit, with the same diameter as the screw hole is drilled in one piece.

Finally, in order to drown hat screw drill bit big for the bonnet make a small hole. Thereafter parts are joined by screws.

Also in the fixing of wooden blanks used nails. This work has its differences. When using solid wood drill hole must be made smaller nail. Also received when nailed thin tablet or clog nail 200 mm long.

Sometimes use the following technique: if you need to hammer a nail into a small thickness of the product, its a bit dull. Also, the small size of the nail comes easier in plaque after wetting.

When bent nail it must be removed and replaced. For pulling small nails using pliers, and for large nails - nail puller.

If you must use a little thin nails, it is recommended that the place where will be clogged with carnations, pierce awl or hold pliers.

Robots for driving in of nails are made on a sound basis. Otherwise, the workpiece, or the product will bend, bounce, resulting in bending nails.

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