5 products that will compete with probiotics for yogurt

Probiotics and prebiotics support microflora of the digestive organs, which is responsible for the immune system, and also provides good digestion. Normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract regulate our mood and reduces the risk of depressive states. Therefore it is very important to eat foods containing probiotics. In this article we have 5 products, which are also beneficial for the intestines, as well as yogurt.

Boiled rice, potatoes or pasta

Products containing starch, not as harmful as many sources write about this. After all, there is a resistant starch - it is identical to the properties of tissue. To pasta, rice and potatoes are more useful, they need to boil and then cool. After this procedure, the starch becomes stable, beneficial bacteria in the intestines feed on them and multiply. There is another advantage: a starch improves insulin sensitivity, which significantly reduces the risk of diabetes.


Kefir, like yogurt, refers to fermented milk products that are rich in probiotics. In addition, it helps to relieve food allergies and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. In addition, yogurt contains a part of the natural enzymes that produces our stomach and intestines. Therefore dietlogi recommend drinking a glass of sour milk drink before bed.

green bananas

Unripe bananas are well suited to power, because they also contain resistant starch. In addition to dietary fiber, fruit provides many minerals and vitamins. Eating green banana, you maintain the health of the digestive organs and the cardiovascular system and bones. So sometimes you should not eat the fruit ripening, it is much better to eat them green.


In winter, the traditional dish on the table is sauerkraut. It gives the body a high dose of vitamin C and probiotics. If you are experiencing anxiety, stress or just tired of the hustle and bustle, eat a serving of sauerkraut. It will help to calm down, because the beneficial microorganisms of the intestine involved in the development of 80% of serotonin. And it is this hormone gives us a feeling of happiness and cheerfulness.


Who would have thought that this vegetable is not only helps against colds. Fresh cloves contain high amounts of prebiotics, which serve as food for the beneficial gut bacteria. Eat some fresh cloves of garlic, and you will avoid not only the virus but also intestinal diseases.

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