The reason I do not want to buy a smartphone from Samsung?

Dear readers, in this article I do not want to somehow diminish the dignity of Samsung smartphones or say that their smartphones are bad, no. In this article I will just give a few reasons in my subjective opinion because I do not want to buy a smartphone from the brand. So, let's begin.

The first and most important reason for this is probably the price. Yes, I can afford, in principle, any smartphone from the brand, but in what sense to overpay?

As an example, your camera. Now I own a smartphone OPPO RENO 10X ZOOM worth 60k rubles he had a great camera and I think you already understood from the title 10 times optical zoom. If we compare it SAMSUNG S10 + $ 100 000, there just something simply 2 x optical zoom. The camera differences between them in the literal sense there is only a little in color reproduction. At the expense of video, I honestly can not say unnecessarily not compare.

But we can compare videosostovlyayuschuyu S10 + 100, 000 and OnePlus 7 Pro 40 000 rubles. Here OnePlus just breaks the Samsung chips in all aspects and details, and to stabilize. And it's not only my opinion but the opinion of all obzorschikov.

Next is their proprietary processor Exynos. I have many friends and Samsung smartphones including the flagship model, and probably at four people from five smartphone from time to time smartphone freezes or begins podtuplivat that pretty strange. Although this problem can be solved by ordering an American version of Snapdragon processor, although it is sometimes very difficult.

And if it comes to the public sector, they have a bad optimization for games. Although for me it is again irrelevant. Smartphones often overheat, resulting in disastrous consequences.

And the last is their shell. I can not say anything bad about it, but actually good too. The fact is that when the transition to Oneui with skins of Chinese smartphone either, the Xiaomi, OPPO or Huawei, something I always something, but not enough. It is foolish to deny that the shell of Chinese smartphones are more advanced and have many more features. At that time, the shell Samsung looks more like a naked android. That's all, once again I remind you that it was just my opinion, if you agree with it Like bet, and if not, then leave it in the comments. Also, do not forget to subscribe to a channel - SUBSCRIBE

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