RURUKZNA what it means to AliEkspress

Sorting center in Kazan
Sorting center in Kazan

Despite the fact that the online store AliExpress is focused on the Russian market, often the buyers of the Russian Federation there are difficulties. Every time you place an order, customers remain a mystery different purchase statuses and easily understandable symbols. For example, RURUKZNA item status tracking purchases. In this article we just look at what is meant by the acronym in AliExpress and what is the location of an order in this status.

RURUKZNA what it means to aliekspress

When your order goes into RURUKZNA status, this means that your parcel is already in Russia and He admitted to the Post sorting center in Russia, which is in the Republic of Tatarstan, near Kazan. Getting parcels in the center and is abbreviated RURUKZNA, or similar designation - RUKZNA.

The path of the parcels AliEkspress
The path of the parcels AliEkspress

If the parcel has passed mandatory for all imported goods, the customs control, it is added to the status of the designation «Released from customs».

What can mean the order status on AliEuspress

Despite the fact that the standard service provided by AliExpress tracking, but the specific location of the package is not known. In a conventional tracking service you'll find a summary status indicating the movement of parcels. For instance,

  • "I arrived in the country of destination."
  • "The order passed by the delivery service", etc.

Index information, you do not always see, although the index is available for each post office.

Under these conditions, the status RURUKZNA just helps to understand that at the moment the parcel arrived to the main sorting center "Stolbische". It is located not far from Kazan is one of the largest centers not only in Tatarstan, but throughout Russia.

How does the sorting center

ASC handles most of the items from Eastern countries (Korea, Thailand, Singapore, China, etc.). Also Stolbische pass sorting huge flow of internal correspondence.

It should also be noted that Stolbische not the only major center in Kazan. One of them is located in the airport area and is responsible for air logistics Russian Post. Or, for example, a central warehouse belonging to Kazan LPC. In any case, we must first pay attention to zip codes which are specified in the tracking.

For example, codes 420306, 420311, 420300, 420310 and 420321 belong to different shops in Stolbische sorting center.

How to track the details of movement of parcels

As already indicated above, the standard tracking service provides only a general idea of ​​the location of the parcel. If you RURUKZNA status is not enough, and you want to determine the specific location - you can always use a third-party tracking service. Such services are now very much and they work about the same.

Where the service package
Where the service package

With the help of these services you will be able to more accurately determine the route of your package and its location. If the package has already arrived on the territory of the Russian Federation, the status you will see and postal codes. Also, quite often carried shipment via distributors logistics companies such as CDEK, DHL, IML, and others. Each of these companies also have a tracking service where you can check the status of the package, or you can always contact those. support, which will help determine the presence parcels.


In conclusion, we note once again, RURUKZNA or RuKzna - order status in AliExpress, indicating that your parcel is located on the territory of the Russian Federation in one of the sorting center of Kazan. For a more detailed definition of the location need to use third-party tracking services. In this case, precise information on the timing of delivery, no one can say. It depends on the delivery region and the utilization of post offices. In addition, there may be interruptions in the work of the Russian Post.

Now you have a full understanding of what it means to AliEkspress designation RURUKZNA.

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